We deliver innovative packaging solutions for a wide range of furniture and household goods. Reducing product damage, increasing profitability whilst protecting the environment.

Product Benefits

Reuse-a-Pac delivers innovative packaging solutions to manufacturers, retailers, logistic organisations, storage and removal companies.


Recyclable - Protects the environment and reduces landfill

Improves margins

Improves margins through damage reduction

Multi-trip solutions

Multi-trip solution

Financial savings

Consistently delivers financial savings by reducing packaging

Reduce packing time

Reduces packing time



Reduces damage

Reduces damages on returns, increasing profit

Improves handling

Improves handling

For use on a wide range of goods that require a high degree of protection during transit, within storage or for customer returns:

Upholstered Furniture
White Goods

Eliminates crush damage during international shipping
Simplifies handling during home delivery
Prevents damage on returned goods
Multi trip usage
WRAP - Read case study

All helping to increase profit and, most importantly, helping to protect the environment.

Over 10 million items of upholstered furniture are sold each year using an estimated 30,000 tonnes of packaging.

Case Study: Upholstered Furniture

Research project in association with WRAP - Read case study


Significant levels of packaging are required to deliver high value products to a customer’s home. Inadequate packaging can leave goods unprotected during transit and prone to damage. The implications of this:

  • Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Wasted goods
  • High level of returns
  • High costs to the business

Research project aim - To develop, test and trial a reusable packing system for delivery of upholstered furniture for one major UK retailer.

Key Facts

3,000 bags were used during the trial.

Return rates reduced by 75%.

5,762 sofas delivered.

Just 10 uses per bag eliminated 17 tonnes of cardboard and plastic packaging.

Could potentially reduce packaging by 1,560 tonnes per annum.

Currently trialling a TV bag to prevent damage on returned goods from store to distribution centre.

Made exclusively for Reuse-a-Pac.

Calculate the savings

Reuse-a-Pac saves organisations significant costs over traditional methods of packaging. In addition to the cost efficiencies in raw packaging materials, there is also a massive reduction in damage to goods in transit, so product returns are minimised.

The chart below indicates the primary factors that need to be considered when calculating the true cost benefits of Reuse-a-Pac when compared to orthodox packing.


Evaluate total cost of packing method per annum

Include raw materials, staff time and disposal costs.


Identify total cost of product damages in transit per annum

Cost of returns including product cost, labour, admin, transport, storage and disposal.


Calculate the number of Reuse-a-Pac bags required per annum

Calculation based on a minimum of 10 deliveries per bag.


Current Costs (1 + 2) - Proposed Reuse-a-Pac costs (4) = Net Savings Possible with Reuse-a-Pac

Save money and the environment.

How it works

Following initial meetings, Reuse-a-Pac will advise and project manage key phases of the process. Clients initially agree a bag type and quantity for trialling. Samples will be provided for approval. Bags can be purchased or leased.

10 Steps to Packing Perfection

1. Lay bag out on a flat surface.

2. Open bag and fold top sheet back.

3. Place item in the centre of the bag.

4. Pull top sheet over item.

5. Tuck top sheet underneath item.

6. Before taping, ensure back seam of bag runs along top of frame.

7. Pull up bottom sheet and secure with tape.

8. Mould and shape sides to create protection.

9. Fold excess material from the sides inwards.

10. Form a triangle and secure. Repeat on both sides.


Based in London, Shanghai and Taipei.

Ian McAleese, Mike Coughlan and Nicky Hislop have combined their wide experience from packaging design, product design, engineering and retail to create best packaging solutions for manufacturers, retailers, logistics and storage companies.

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